Service Charges

Search Type Search Description Fee
Attorney/Reference Search Last deed of record, open judgments, liens and taxes recorded in the City Register or County Clerk $375.00
Business Search Judgments, liens, bankruptcies and UCC’s $150.00
Coop Search Judgments, liens, UCC's bankruptcies and Mortgages vs. the Buyer, Seller and Cooperative Housing Corp. $375.00
Covenant and Restriction Search Covenants, Restrictions, and easements, Recorded vs. a premises $200.00
Foreclosure Search Deed, judgments, liens, mortgages and taxes.Includes party defendants $450.00
Last Owner Search Certification of premises ownership $150.00
Document Copies   $50.00
Certified Copies Document copies certified by the respectivesp recording office $50.00
Franchise Tax Search Corporate Franchise Taxes $50.00
Certificate of Good Standing Current Standing of an Entity in the Department of State $50.00
Municipal Searches Housing and Building, Fire, Emergency, Repairs, Certificate of Occupancy and Tax $350.00

Tax Search

All open taxes, assessed value and applicable exemptions $75.00
Individual Municipal Search Call for complete list $75.00
UCC Search (County)   $75.00
UCC Search (State)   $125.00
Bankruptcy Search   $20.00
Patriot Search    
Recording Service Per Document(NYC & Only)

*See Premium Calculator for exact  County Recording Charges

Service charge for Recording Documents (Does not include County Fees or applicable Taxes) $50.00
Recording Service Per Document(Outside NYC)

*See Premium Calculator for exact  County Recording Charges

Service Charge to Record Documents(Does not include County Fees or applicable Taxes) $75.00
Escrow Service   $50.00
Survey Service   $75.00
Acris Transfer Document Prep   $150.00
Zoning Lot Certifications (1 Lot)

*Exhibits I-V available and priced upon request

Exhibits I-III to be recorded at the request of the Department of Buildings $450.00


Note: Service Charges as stated above are the charges of Home Abstract Corp. only and do not include any State or Local Municipality fees.  Charges may be sales tax applicable.